January 27, 2008


This is my first post, so let's be clear: This blog intends to collect all the available info about George Pérez, the comic book artist.

I fell in love with his art very early on my life, when I readed an spanish edition of one issue of New Teen Titans of George and, his good partner in that title, Marv Wolfman. Since then, I tried to look everywhere for him, sadly, not many books of him were translated to spanish at that time.

But those times are over. Nowadays, I can read in english (and I think I can speak/write it too) very well thanks for my passion for comics. A passion wich I undoubtely owe to the great George.

I'll post news, drawings, interviews, solicitations of new books, all I can find about George.

Hope you'll enjoy it and share this same love for his art.


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