April 17, 2008

Cover to DC Universe: Zero revealed!

It's been revealed the real cover to DCU: Zero. Not the image previously released, but the same artist. Great George Pérez.

April 4, 2008

More Pérez at Newsarama!

This time, focusing in comment the Legion of 3 Worlds image teaser where The Legions fight.

As always, a little sneak:

NRAMA: There's just so much detail. It's really fun to look at.

GP: I had a great time on it. And I'm having a great time on this whole series, really. I've been wanting to do the Legion for so long, and now I get to do it, so I can't complain. And I can already tell it's going to be a lot of fun. This teaser image just proves it


Pérez' interview at Newsarama

With ocassion of the announcement of Legion of 3 Worlds, Newsarama has interviewed mighty George. Right here, pals.

And... a little taste:

NRAMA: Now that you've gotten started on the story, are you enjoying finally getting to draw the Legion, George?

GP: I'm having the time of my life. It's a lot of work. I'm spending a lot of long hours on this book. But again, as I've told you more than once and anyone within earshot, I've always wanted to do the Legion, and it's criminal that I haven't. And finally -- finally -- justice is being served, as only a superhero comic can bring it.

April 3, 2008

George Pérez' new gig confirmed: Legion of 3 Worlds!!!

Finally, the rumors had come true! George's new work has been confirmed in Action Comics #863 (last part of "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes!" arc), it's Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds!

George's wonderful art will join super hot writer Geoff Johns (Action Comics, JSA, Green Lantern) in this mini-series, a tie-in with DC's Final Crisis, with beginning in August.

Here's a brief of a Newsarama's interview with Johns:

NRAMA: What's it been like, working with George Perez?

GJ: The best thing about working with George is all the stuff he brings to it. Usually, I have to meticulously list every freaking detail and research it and scan it and put it all in there, just to make sure it's done right when I have something this big. But with George, I put all that stuff in there, but he goes another step beyond. The opening sequence is just insane. It's a Superman fan's dream. And every time I get a page, I just pour over it. The amount of detail he's putting in there, the amount of extra work, the amount of things he's adding I'm like, "There is a god. His name is George Perez." But it's all related to story. He's really thinking on story -- what's important to the characters and their emotional states, their conflicts, their relationships. He's just a brilliant storyteller.

And a little of Comic Book Resources:

“It’s a dream to work with George, especially on Legion of Super-Heroes,” Johns continued. “And I think the title, ‘Legion of Three Worlds,’ says it all. We are going to have a ton of characters in this, so only someone as insane as George is going to tackle this. George has had a lifelong dream to work on the Legion. And I have had a lifelong dream to work with George. And I love the Legion of Super-Heroes, obviously.

April 1, 2008

Wolverine Sketch

Found on Comicsketchgallery

Black Adam Sketch

Found on Comicsketchgallery

JLA/Avengers #1

(published September 2003)
Page 29.
Pencils and inks by Pérez.

Found on Comicartfans

Super Skrull & Bishop Sketch

Colored by Tom Smith.

Iron Man Sketch

Found on Comicartfans

New Teen Titans #14

(published December 1981)
Page 14.
Pencils by Pérez.
Inks by Romeo Tanghal.

Found on Comicartfans

Galactus Sketch

Found on Comicartfans