July 24, 2008

George Pérez at The Pulse

With the inminent release of the first number of Legion of Three Worlds, The Pulse published an interview with Pérez.

"I like to know the individual character from the inside out instead of just drawing superficial body types. When I'm drawing reaction shots, I want to know these characters, and have a sense of how each would truly react to the situations. It helps me stay in the story and tell the story."

"[Editor] Eddie [Berganza] told me he's surprised with three versions of the Legion that I'm trying to give each of them a sense of distinction," Perez continued. "I take the challenge of three Legions and making all the alternate dimension characters -- like three Cosmic Boys -- different, stylized characters. I didn't want them to appear as the same character at different ages -- like a dual role type thing. I didn't want it to be like the Mirror, Mirror episode of Star Trek, where there were doppelgangers played by the same actors."

Perez said, "When I was working on the different eras of the Legion, I would evoke the artists who were the most established ones at that point in time. These three versions of the Legion are very different, especially the current one. Barry Kitson and Francis Manapul are totally different artists, so distinctly different that I had to find a middle ground to make this 'present' version of the Legion diverse."

July 15, 2008

Sandman Comission

Found on Comicartfans

Captain America Sketch

Pérez sketch to White Box Cover of Fallen Son, Death of Captain America #3

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Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #16

(published September 1975)
Page 52.
Pencils by Pérez.
Inks by Steve Gan.

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george-perez.com revamped!

Good news: Vu's George-Perez.com gets back on track, updated and with a new design.

I was offered to be a collaborator (one of many, I guess), of course I said yes :)

So, now this blog can be redundant, but I'll stick with it, since it gave me the oportunity to meet a lot of you, like me, Pérez fans and I enjoy doing it so much.

You can see the new GPz clicking on this link

July 13, 2008

History of DC Universe #1

(published September 1986)
Inside frontcover.
Pencils and inks by Pérez.

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Avengers V1 #170

(published April 1978)
Pencils by Pérez.
Inks by Terry Austin.

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Firebomb Pin Up

George's pin up for Sentinel series.

Found at Sentinels site.