January 30, 2008

George Perez' Interviews

Here it is: all the George Pérez' interviews (until 2007. From now on, whenever they come out) on 'net that I could collect through a vast search on Google. If you know of any other that isn't posted, let me know and I'll gladly add it. I didn't put any of those multiple convention panels because I don't count them as "interviews". Note that it's not rigourosly listed on a chronological order.

Titans Together: Judd Winick and George Perez talk about upcoming new Titans series (wizard)

100 Fun Questions with George Perez (comicon)

George Perez, Comics Romantic (pink raygun)

"Me gusta dibujar a la antigua"/"I like to draw old school" -spanish- (lne)

Crisis on Infinite Interview/An Afternoon with George Perez (comicbloc)

Talking to George Perez at Motor City Comicon 06 (newsarama)

George Perez: 10 Questions with Mike Solof (scoop)

Perez at the Show (newsarama)

Attack of the 50 ft. George Perez -video- (galacticast)

Catching up with George Perez (newsarama)

George Perez, Titans, Inking & Exclusives (newsarama)

George Perez, 5 Years Exclusive to DC (newsarama)

Brave & The Bold and Teen Titans: Games (newsarama)

Wolfman, Perez and the Titans: Games

Frivolous 5 (cecnews)

An Interview with George Perez (coville's clubhouse)

Interview George Perez -french- (heroes)

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