February 7, 2012

Teen Titans vs The Avengers!

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"While juggling my comics work and public appearances, I've been trying to get through my long commissions list. A big multi-character piece is still being worked on, but I try to get in a simpler sketch in there from time to time, for both diversity and a sense of continued progress. When I drew this sketch it occurred to me that I'd never drawn a full figure drawing of Deadpool before, not even in the comics. A few head shots, but no figures. I don't think the customer realized this when he commissioned the piece, so I noted it under my signature. Always nice to experience something new at the drawing board."

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February 4, 2012

Huntress & Power Girl

"Just finished the cover for WORLD'S FINEST #1, which is now being colored. Since I can't show the cover until DC releases the image, here are some rough character studies showing the two lovely young ladies I've asked to be my inspiration for the likenesses of Huntress and Power Girl. The Huntress is inspired by my dear friend and cosplayer supreme Margie Cox and Power Girl is based on another friend named Jana who models professionally under the name JC Marie. I am grateful that they both agreed to do this and I hope I will do them justice in the series."

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February 1, 2012

Justice League of America V1 #217

(Published august 1983)
Pencils and inks by Pérez.

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Blithe Spirit

"My latest program cover for the Moonlight Players. Due to my work schedule, this cover was done to late to appear as a coming attractions piece for the NINE program bool, but at least it got done in time to make the cover deadline. I only wish I didn't have to rush it, but superheroes must still take precedence.The delay did reap one benefit though. The rare chance to draw the actual cast members into the art. (I usually have to draw the covers before casting is set.)"