February 3, 2011

"My brother and my first EVER collaboration!"

"As some of you may know, my brother David had asked me to do some illustrations for his upcoming memoirs called WOW!. Well, it looks like our first collaboration EVER is finally going to be a reality."

"Now, mind you, this is not a comic or a graphic novel and my illustrations are limited to a limited few (due to my busy schedule and David's desire not too impinge on it) and far simpler than you may be accustomed to (I needed to reflect th ...e POV of pre-teen boy), but if you'd like to see the world of my youth through the unique perspective of the baby brother who shared most of it, then, you might like to at least check out this link.
I am so hoping to be able to sign a few copies of this book at future conventions. I know our Mom and Dad are very proud that their two boys are finally playing in the same sandbox again."


Links: Facebook - David Perez Wow

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