May 28, 2010

Pacesetter #10, The George Pérez Magazine

Yes Perez fans, you are not reading this wrong, after a year and a half of trails and tribulations, the new issue of PACESETTER is finally available.

What you get is the same great quality that you’ve gotten in previous issue; this issue is an Avengers theme issue. You get in this 72-page, perfect bound with full color covers. In this issue there are articles, artwork (you get a full issue of an Avengers issue pencils by George), interview with the legendary artist Pablo Marcos, Avengers theme checklist, and much more….

There are some changes to PACESETTER, nothing to do with the quality, but it will no longer be available through Diamond, the link below is where you will order to get your copies. With me being laid off at the end of 2008, my family financial situation has drastically changed and I can no longer afford to go through Diamond. Now I’m very excited I have this option to keep PACESETTER going, because this magazine is a true labor of love. Now I’m sorry to all that prefer to get it through there comic store, it just not an option for me at this time. Now if there are comic stores out there that would like to carry PACESETTER, please drop me an e-mail and maybe we can work a discounted rate out, just drop me a line at Click on the link below to order your copies of the new issue of PACESETTER, or you can go to and type in “PACESETTER” in the search box.

I want to thank everyone that has been supporting my magazine for the last 10 years (the first issue of The George Perez Newsletter was published in 2001).

Tony Lorenz

You can order your copy through the following link:

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