February 1, 2008

Perez leaves Brave & The Bold

Surprisingly, in an interview of newsarama with Jerry Ordway, it's mentioned that George Pérez won't be resuming his art chores on Brave & The Bold, and is now dedicated to a new project.

NRAMA: Any idea what George Pérez is going to be working on that forced him to leave the title a couple issues earlier than he'd planned?

JO: Nope, no idea what George has on his plate. I know he wanted to finish out the storyline, but I'm glad I got the assignment all the same.

Where George's work will appear is yet to be announced.

I really really hope it's got something to be with his public wish on doing something with the Legion of Super-heroes... Final Crisis will do, too.

Heck, it's George!!!, I know I'm gonna be interested whatever it is :)

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