December 10, 2021

George Pérez announce about his life and how he deals with pancreatic cancer

On december 7th George Perez wrote on his official page

"To all my fans, friends and extended family,

It’s rather hard to believe that it’s been almost three years since I formally announced my retirement from producing comics due to my failing vision and other infirmities brought on primarily by my diabetes. At the time I was flattered and humbled by the number of tributes and testimonials given me by my fans and peers. The kind words spoken on those occasions were so heartwarming that I used to quip that “the only thing missing from those events was me lying in a box.”

It was amusing at the time, I thought.

Now, not so much. On November 29th I received confirmation that, after undergoing surgery for a blockage in my liver, I have Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. It is surgically inoperable and my estimated life expectancy is between 6 months to a year. I have been given the option of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, but after weighing all the variables and assessing just how much of my remaining days would be eaten up by doctor visits, treatments, hospital stays and dealing with the often stressful and frustrating bureaucracy of the medical system, I’ve opted to just let nature take its course and I will enjoy whatever time I have left as fully as possible with my beautiful wife of over 40 years, my family, friends and my fans. 

Since I received my diagnosis and prognosis, those in my inner circle have given me so much love, support and help, both practical and emotional. They’ve given me peace.

There will be some business matters to take care of before I go.  I am already arranging with my art agent to refund the money paid for sketches that I can no longer finish. And, since, despite only having one working eye, I can still sign my name, I hope to coordinate one last mass book signing to help make my passing a bit easier. I also hope that I will be able to make one last public appearance wherein I can be photographed with as many of my fans as possible, with the proviso that I get to hug each and every one of them. I just want to be able to say goodbye with smiles as well as tears.

I know that many of you will have questions to ask or comments to make, and rather than fueling the fires of speculation and well-meaning but potentially harmful miscommunication, I will be returning to the arena of social media by starting a new Facebook account where fans and friends can communicate with me or my designated rep directly for updates and clarification.

For media and press inquiries, please use the contact information on the page as well.  Please respect the privacy of my wife and family at this time and use the Facebook page rather than reaching out through other channels.

I may not be able to respond as quickly as I would like since I will be endeavoring to get as much outside pleasure as I can in the time allotted me, but I will do my best. Kind words would also be greatly appreciated. More details to follow once it’s up and running.

Well, that’s it for now. This is not a message I enjoyed writing, especially during the Holiday Season, but, oddly enough, I’m feeling the Christmas spirit more now than I have in many years. Maybe it’s because it will likely be my last. Or maybe because I am enveloped in the loving arms of so many who love me as much as I love them. It’s quite uplifting to be told that you’ve led a good life, that you’ve brought joy to so many lives and that you’ll be leaving this world a better place because you were part of it. To paraphrase Lou Gehrig: “Some people may think I got a bad break, but today, I feel like the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.”

Take care of yourselves—and thank you.

George Pérez

December 7th, 2021"


I don't know what to say. For most of my life George Pérez has been doing his thing: wonderful art that impacted in many ways in my life. Since being a lonely kid who read comics, to being the boy who wanted to draw and emule his style, to actually have the capacity to buy everything I could that he worked on, to making this blog, to being happy to know how his diabetes problems were being dealt with and he was enjoying his retirement years, knowing how loved he is by the fandom community and doing the ocassional, wonderful sketches. the man never stopped drawing, but mostly never stopped being the great human being, so kind with his fans, that he always was. 

The news affected everyone, and you can see how much love he receives on his facebook page. I encourage to go salute him there. I haven't done it yet, I'm still processing this, but I will. 

I put ads on this blog a few months ago. It hasn't made me any money, as of today, google adsense shows 0.03 cents of winnings. I don't know if I had set something wrong or what. But if sometime, somehow this page makes any money that I can cash out, I will donate it to the HERO Initiative, wich is the organization that George always supported. 

Go, and live life, cause it goes fast. 


July 5, 2021

Kurt Busiek talks about George Pérez' Avengers run

On his twitter account, a fan asked @KurtBusiek about George Pérez exit on the Avengers (vol. 3, 1998) series. Busiek replies: 

"It was a lot of work, and he didn’t want to keep going like that, on a monthly schedule."

"The in-office bet was that George would be the first of the Heroes Return artists to need a fill-in. He was the last."

"There were four issues he didn’t draw in that run, but he drew four extra-length issues, too. It was a tough schedule."

"He drew most of an issue in the hospital."

"Tom (Brevoort, Avengers' editor) would absolutely have brought in a guest artist to help out, but George said no, he’d do it."

"If I remember correctly, he didn't tell Marvel he was in the hospital until he’d drawn a batch of pages while in a hospital bed."

Pérez last issue was #34 (2000). A big battle against Count Nefaria with the Thunderbolts and Madame Mask involved. 

Link: Twitter